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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

November 24, 1960: Chinese Communists Get Support from Latin American Nations

“Well informed sources reported today that in the current Communist party discussions here [Moscow] Liu Shaochi, the Chinese Communist Chief of state, had found surprising support among Latin-American delegations, as well as North Korea, Indonesian and Albanian,” New York Times reporter Seymour Topping wrote in a story for publication tomorrow. “The leaders of about eighty five Communist parties are conducting the discussions.

“The Latin-American delegations have listened sympathetically to Chinese Communist arguments for a more militant international program for achieving world communism

“They include Argentina, Venezuela, Columbia, Uruguay and Chile.

“Mr. Liu spoke Tuesday for four hours and was critical of certain facets of Soviet policy that have been identified with Premier Khrushchev.

“It is understood, however, that Mr. Khrushchev has retained majority support, especially among the European parties, for his policy of peaceful coexistence.

“This is a program for establishing Communist world supremacy through political, economic and psychological attraction without resorting necessarily to the ignition of revolutionary or international war.”


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