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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

December 30, 1960: Vietnam Invades Laos, UN Help Sought

Troops from Communist North Vietnam have invaded Laos, the Laotian government said. Communist China may have also sent troops. Laos asked for assistance from the United Nations to repel the attackers. About 2,000 troops from North Vietnam are believed to have crossed the border into Northern Laos.

In Belgium, violence escalated. One striker was killed and three wounded. Rioters smashed the windows of the Sabena Airlines terminal in downtown Brussels.

About 300 Negro sharecroppers in Tennessee fighting eviction received a temporary order from a court allowing them to stay on the farm where they work as their legal battle continues.

President-elect Kennedy's decision to appoint McGeorge Bundy as his national security advisor is "completely incredible," Massachusetts Governor Foster Furcolo said today. Bundy, he said, is "completely unqualified."


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