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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

January 28, 1961: Navy to Free Ship Captives, Kennedy Tones Down Military's Rhetoric

"The United States Navy has apparently persuaded the captors of the Portuguese liner Santa Maria to release the 560 passengers on this side of the Atlantic, probably at a South American port," the New York Times reported today.

"The Kennedy Administration indicated today that it was not irrevocably opposed to summit meetings," the Times reported today.

"Two United States Air Force officers, held prisoner without trial by the Soviet Union for nearly seven months, came home today and were greeted by President Kennedy."

"The Kennedy Administration has ordered stiff controls on 'tough' policy speeches or other 'inadvisable' statements by generals and admirals. The first to be affected is Admiral Arleigh A. Burke, Chief of Naval Operations," the New York Times reported today.


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