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Thursday, November 30, 2006

November 30, 1960: Kennedy May not Get Illinois' Electoral Votes, Governor Says

The Illinois state electoral board may not give the state's 27 electoral votes to Sen. Kennedy, Gov. Stratton (R) said today. He criticized "downright fraud and graft in Chicago" during the Nov. 8 balloting. Nixon lost the state by fewer than 9,000 votes out of more than 4,750,000 cast. The state board recessed without setting a date to meet again because it has not gotten voting information from Cook County. The governor said there was an intentional "slowdown" in Democratic-controlled county. "There's no question that they are stalling in Chicago. It's dastardly to steal a man's vote -- and that's what has been happening," the governor said. "It's flagrant." The governor also described "widespread disregard of laws, state and federal," during the voting. The board may keep the state's electoral votes from going to either candidate.

The State's Attorney, Benjamin Adamowski said the Democratic organization in Chicago stole 100,000 or more votes. "Speaking with bitter words at a press conference, Adamowski in effect charged that the Democratic machine headed by Daley as his party's county chairman virtually 'stole' the White House for Sen. John F. Kennedy," according to the Chicago Daily Tribune.

"He insisted that, in one phase f the operation, enough legitimate Republican voters were deprived of their voting right by the mysterious disappearance of their names from precinct polling place binders to shift Illinois from Vice President Nixon to Kennedy. ...

"When the manipulation of a political machine is used as a vehicle to take over the White House it is a sad day in American politics," Adamowski said.

In Cuba, Manuel Fajardo, personal physician to Fidel Castro, was killed in fighting with rebels in the Escambray mountains, it was reported today.


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