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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

January 3, 1961: US Making Preparations to Meet Crisis in Laos

It was reported today that the US is making preparations to meet the crisis in Laos. "President Eisenhower approved the measures to 'increase the readiness' and the 'airlift capability' of United States forces in the Pacific" and held "an unusual New Year's holiday conference at the White House," the New York Times reported in its lead story, which ran under the subhead, "White House Meeting Considers Steps to Bar War."

Other headlines on this day in 1961:

"Laotian Aide Says Chinese Reds Helped Attack by Leftist Force"

"London Bids U.S. Back Laos Panel; Asks Resuming of 3-Nation Control Commission"

"French Warships Going to Algeria; Navy Units Carrying 6,000 Troops Will Sail Tomorrow for Tense Oran Region"

"Belgium Makes Peace Bid As Strikers Set Showdown"

"UN Chief Scores Belgians for Aid To Congo Troops"

"Castro Tells U.S. Staff in Embassy Must Be Slashed"


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