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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

February 4, 1961: Kennedy Confers on Laos, Wants 'Federalized' Laos; Ted Kennedy Launches Career

"President Kennedy received a first-hand report today on the situation in Laos from Ambassador Winthrop G. Brown," the New York Times reports on this day in 1961.

"The Ambassador was called to Washington from his post in Vientiane to participate in a comprehensive high-level review of major problems facing the United States in Asia," the paper reports.

"The Kennedy Administration is convinced that a new 'federalized' government in the Congo, embracing the leaders of all the factions, offers the only hope of preventing that nation from sliding from chaos into civil war," the Times reports.

"The youngest of the Kennedy brothers, Edward M. (Ted) Kennedy, is expected to launch his own political career Monday as an assistant district attorney here [Boston]," the Times reports. "But everyone concerned, including the 28-year-old Ted, as he is best known, is keeping official silence."


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