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Monday, December 04, 2006

December 4, 1960: G.O.P Predicts 10,000 invalid ballots in Chicago

Chicago Daily Tribune reporter Robert Wiedrich wrote in a story to be published tomorrow that Republicans were predicting "that more than 10,000 invalid paper ballot votes will be thrown out in Chicago in a court contest of the Nov. 8 election, possibly reversing the Democratic victory in Illinois.

"At the same time G.O.P. watchers at a recheck by 50 teams of 863 Chicago paper ballot brecincts, being conducted in City hall, reported finding at least 100 straight Republican tickets which had been 'spoiled' by the marking of an additional 'X' in the Socialist-Labor candidates' column.

"In one instance, 15 ballots in a row had been so altered. This was the latest disclosure of apparent fraud and tampering with paper ballots which the Republican leaders charged occurred either while the ballots were being counted at the precinct polling places or after they were stored in warehouses by the city board of election commissioners."


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