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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

December 5, 1960: More Accounts of Chicago Vote Fraud

George Tagge prepared a story for publication in tomorrow's Chicago Daily Tribune saying, "Gross discrepancies sin precinct reports and ballot boxes devoid of ballots sparked Republican hopes ... of keeping Illinois out of the victory column of Sen. John F. Kennedy. Republicans ... announced that their version of the 'discovery' recount in the first 151 precincts checked would give Vice President Nixon a net unofficial gain of 1,283 votes ... In these 151 precincts the Democrats had recount figures allowing gains of only 43 for Nixon ... Democrat said the recount of 277 precincts ... gave Nixon a net gain of 254 votes. ... Democratic election officials admitted the discrepancies in the party's west side strongholds.

"Mrs. Marie Suthers, the Republican member of the three-member Chicago election board, demanded that the precinct judges be called to account. In the 7th precinct of the 29th ward, the 'discovery' recount financed by the G.O.P. compelled Democrats to agree that the recount gave Nixon an unofficial net gain of 81 votes.

"For the 27th ward's 12th precinct Democrats agreed the net G.O.P. gains were 62 for Nixon ... When the ballot box for the 56th precinct of the 10th ward was opened not a single ballot was found. It contained several envelope, some of them with bland ballots which had been initialed by election judges. The box was marked to show that 388 ballots had been cast. The official tally for this precinct asserted that Kennedy got 259 votes to 92 for Vice President Nixon.

"Soon afterward the ballot box for the 86th precinct of the 9th ward was hoisted to a counting table. It bore a notation that 480 ballots had been cast. Inside there was not a single voted ballot."

Another story written for tomorrow's front page begins, "Election officials in precincts in which glaring vote discrepancies have been uncovered were unable to explain yesterday how tallies marked on ballot boxes could vary so widely from the ballots inside."

Another story for tomorrow's Tribune begins, "United States Attorney Robert Tieken said ... that the federal grand jury will inquire into all cases of clear cut violations of federal election laws disclosed by a recheck of the vote in the Nov. 8 election."

In other news, 81 Communist parties around the world signed a declaration pledging victory by peaceful means. It called the Communist party of the Soviet Union the "universally recognized vanguard of the world Communist movement."

In Laos, the government called on the US to halt shipments of arms and ammunition to rebel forces. Premier Souvanna Phouma also said his government had notified rebels that it was open to a cease fire.


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