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Thursday, January 11, 2007

January 9, 1961: Computers Gain

"Electronics -- virtually untouched by the general business recession last year -- was fifth among the nation's industries. ... 'Most people -- even business men -- do not realize that the electronics industry is the nation's fifth-largest. It could become first in size in the next ten years,'" Commerce Secretary Frederick H. Mueller told a banging group, according to a report in today's edition on the New York Times.

According to another story in today's paper, "Computers and their related electronic data-processing devices became the United States' newest billion-dollar industry last year. ... Computers calcuclate the exact launching time for missiles and space satellites, hastened the automation of factories as well as offices and became standard equipment for tabulating ballots in national and other elections. ... Still on the drawing board at the end of last year were new computer systems that eventually will go into the home for the first time. These systems will enable a housewife to cook a meal, make beds and open or close windows by pushing a few buttons."

In a story from Concord, Mass.: "The application of electronics to plant cafeterias has been put in operation by the Raytheon Company at Nuclear Metals, Inc., in this town. Meals prepared by an outside commissary, frozen and served refrigerated, are re-heated by plant workers in Radarange microwave ovens in sixty seconds. ... These microwave components operate at 2,450 megacycles -- about 5,000 times higher than radio broadcasting frequencies. The energy is converted into heat when it is absorbed by food. Radaranges already are in operation in a number of restaurants."


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