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Saturday, December 09, 2006

December 9, 1960: Administration Warns of China Getting the Bomb, Anti-Communist Demonstration in Cuba

The Eisenhower administration warned Congress in a closed session that Communist China may soon get the A-bomb.

In Algeria, riot police used tanks to put down demonstrations in which at least 100 were injured. While Europeans demonstrated, Moslems cheered French President de Gaulle on his visit to Algeria. "The cries, the clamor mean nothing," de Gaulle said.

In Laos, Premier Souvanna Phouma fled the capital of Vientiane for Cambodia as the Communist Pathet Lao and pro-Western troops prepared to fight in the capital.

In Cuba there was an unusual protests by Electric Company workers against Communist attempts to seize their union. The workers, numbering about 1,000, shouted "Cuba yes, Russia no."

In the Congo the UN moved to protect Europeans in Stanleyville in the wake of death threats from supporters of deposed and imprisoned former premier Patrice Lumumba.

David K. E. Bruce, a career diplomat, is a leading contender to be secretary of state in the Kennedy administration.

In a story for tomorrow's edition of the New York Times, William J. Jorden finds that Western diplomats believe the Communists will step up their activity in the underdeveloped world, despite ideological differences. "However, few diplomats believe that these ideological differences foreshadow an open break among the Communist powers in the foreseeable future,"

In Illinois, federal grand jury subpoenas have been issued for voting records from 13 Chicago precincts. Also, the Justice Department has approved another grand jury investigation of vote fraud; it will begin hearing evidence next week.


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