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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

August 8, 1960: Cuba Dominates and the Republicans have a "New Man"

Cuba continues to dominate the news on this day in 1960. A picture on the front page of the New York Times above the fold shows Fidel Castro in his first public appearance after having been reported ill. The caption, which begins: "Return Appearance," notes that Castro, earlier reported to have been suffering fro phenomena, was "bundled in a trenchcoat."

In addition to the photo, the front page of the NY Times this day carries three separate stories about Cuba. The paper's lead story cites the Catholic Church in Cuba as critical of "communist gains." A second story reports official U.S. charges that Cuba is "in Soviet grip." A third reports on the seizure of U.S.-owned properties.

Elsewhere, the New Republic editorial for this day in 1960 describes the Republican presidential nominee, Vice President Richard Nixon, as one of the party's "new men." This distinguishes him from those who "view government as a necessary evil, not as a useful instrument by which elected representatives can wisely manage the public's business."

The vice president supports better health care for the aged, improved education, urban renewal and "slum clearance." But don't get the wrong idea, the editorial seems to say, for Vice President Nixon believes these are matters best left to private business, the states or local government.