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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

December 20, 1960: Illinois Requires Two Ballots for Kennedy

From today's Chicago Daily Tribune: "It required two ballots for Illinois Democratic electors to cast 27 unanimous votes for John F. Kennedy today. On the first ballot, only 26 Kennedy votes were turned in, to the embarrassment of Democratic leaders. Republicans have charged that except for vote frauds in Chicago the Illinois electoral votes would have gone to Vice President Nixon."

In another story, from Honolulu, UPI reports, "Hawaii's three Republican electors cast their votes for Vice President Nixon today, but Sen. John F. Kennedy was leading in a recount of Presidential ballots. Because of the recount trend, three Democratic electors cast ballots for Kennedy and had them notarized. Theirs was not the officials ceremony but the votes of both sets of electors will go to a joint session of Congress Jan 6 where the issue will be decided finally."