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Thursday, January 18, 2007

January 15, 1961: Catholic Church in Cuba Fights Communism

The Roman Catholic Church in Cuba has called upon all Christians in the country to form a united front in fighting communism," the New York Times reports today.

"President-elect John F. Kennedy is considering a lengthy postponement of the nuclear weapons test negotiations with the Soviet Union. They are due to be resumed in Geneva Feb. 7," the Times reports.

"President-elect John F. Kennedy was briefed today by Vice President-elect Lyndon B. Johnson on a missile believed to have been shot into the Pacific by the Soviet Union last night," the Times reports.

January 14, 1961: Negro Student Ordered Re-admitted in Georgia

"Federal District Judge William A. Bootle directed University of Georgia officials today to reinstate the institution's first Negro students," the New York Times reported today.

"Europeans and Congolese opposed to Patrice Lumumba, the deposed Premier [in the Congo] fled in near panic today following rumors that he had been freed from imprisonment," the Times reported.

"A mood of depression and insecurity is becoming increasingly evident among the European settlers in Algeria. Muslim and small businesses are showing the most pronounced signs of the uncertainty that has overtaken the European community since the dramatic days of President de Gaulle's visit to Algeria last month and the decisive support given him by continental France in a referendum on the future of the strife-torn territory," the Times reports.

"Exile sources [in Miami] said today that military resistance to Premier Fidel Castro inside Cuba was growing rapidly," the Times reports.