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Saturday, October 28, 2006

October 28, 1960: Nixon Aide Pledges 'Full Disclosure' on Hughes Loan, Nixon Vows to Go to Eastern Europe, Nuclear Sub Opens 'New Military Era'

"Vice President Nixon's campaign manager, Robert Finch, said today that the Nixon family would soon make a 'full disclosure' on the details of a disputed $205,000 loan," the New York Times reported on this day in 1960.

"Mr. Finch said the vice president's brother, Donald Nixon, and lawyers for the family were 'getting all the documents together.' He said he expected that a complete statement on the transaction would be made by 'the first of next week.'

"There is general agreement that $205,000 was lent in 1956 to the mother of the Nixon brothers, Mrs. Hannah M. Nixon of Whittier, Calif. It is agreed also that the money was borrowed for use by Donald Nixon, whose chain of restaurants was in financial trouble.

Yesterday Mr. Finch denounced a story by Drew Pearson, the columnist, saying that the $205,000 loan had been made to the Nixon family by the Hughes Tool Company. This is one of the many enterprises of Howard Hughes, the millionaire industrialist."

In an unrelated development, Vice President Nixon pledged to visit Eastern Europe, if elected president, it was reported today. "I will have as one of my objectives before my term of office ends, the opportunity to visit at least once every one of the satellite nations of Eastern Europe, including Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria and Rumania.

"To proclaim again America's friendship for these people, to reaffirm our trust in their ultimate deliverance and to get these facts first-hand -- these will be goals of the journeys we hope to make to Eastern Europe," Nixon said.

"The Navy announced today that the nuclear-powered, missile-armed submarine George Washington would begin sea duty Nov. 15, opening a new military era," the New York Times reported today.

"In a Navy Day statement, Admiral Arleigh A. Burke, Chief of Naval Operations, said that the new Polaris submarine, together with outer missiles and bombers, 'furnishes our nation with a retaliatory mix that would spell national suicide to any aggressor who risks general nuclear war."