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Saturday, August 19, 2006

August 19, 1960: Nixon Anti-Semitism without a Source

The New York Times ran a page 10 story today that referred to charges of anti-Semetic bias against Vice President Richard Nixon -- without saying who had leveled the charge. The Times article led with a denial by Senator Jacob Javits (R-NY) of the "scurrilous and vicious rumors." Javits, speaking on the Senate floor, added "The campaign to charge Vice President Nixon with anti-Semitism is a vicious canard about which there is not and never has been the slightest shred of truth." Nixon is the Republican candidate for president in the fall election. ... Stories under the following headlines also ran on this day in 1960: "Kansas City Cafes Opened to Negroes"; "Atom Plant Wires Cut, Laid-Off Worker Held"; "A Woman Passes Tests Given to 7 Astronauts"; "Coast-to-Coast Talk Relayed"; "Laos Rebels Give Rule to Premier"; "Less Strontium in Newborns Seen"; "New Discoverer Shot Into Orbit, Satellite has Secret Gear."

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