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Friday, August 11, 2006

August 11, 1960: Move Against Cuba Foreshadowed, Million-Man Army Urged and Red China Preparing "Take-Over of the New World."

President Eisenhower said "definite action" would be warranted against a Communist regime in Cuba, according to an August 11, 1960 news report. The president did not spell out what action the United States would take against a government determined to be "dominated and controlled by international Communism."

Eisenhower said the United States would not take action a Communist government that came to power through elections. In that case, "I don't see how the United States could properly object or intervene," he said.

In other news reported this day, a group in Washington called for the establishment of a million-man Army. The Association of the United States Army also called for developing "on a crash basis" the Nike-Zeus anti-missile missile, designed to shoot down Soviet intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Also, an Associated Press story this day quoted a State Department official as saying, "Communist China ... [was] waging a major political campaign against the United States in Latin America 'in preparation for an eventual Communist take-over of the New World.'"