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Saturday, January 20, 2007

January 16, 1961: Recognition of Red China Urged

A group of prominent scientists, business men, educators and technicians agreed here [Harriman, N.Y.] today that it was in the interests of world peace that Communist China be drawn closer into the international community of nations," the New York Times reported today.

"The group also agreed such a move should lead to diplomatic recognition of Communist China by the United States and other nations and the assumption of full participation and responsibilities by Communist China in the United Nations."

In companion story today the Times reports, "W. Averell Harriman, designated as ambassador-at-large by President-elect John F. Kennedy, questioned whether Communist China wanted to be recognized by the United States. The former Governor and Ambassador to the Soviet Union told a panel on a taped interview over radio station WOR that nevertheless, 'sooner or later the majority of the U.N. members are going to vote to admit Red China.' ... Mr. Harriman said that several times he had attempted to gain entry into Red China but had been turned down."