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Sunday, December 24, 2006

December 24, 1960: Page One Headlines, with Threats Against Israel over Bomb

These were some of the headlines on page one of the New York Times today:

"US urges Soviet to Avoid Causing New Berlin Crisis; Bids Moscow Show Sincerity by Not Permitting Actions That Heighten Tension; Approaches Are Made; Capital Fears Consequences if the East-West German Trade Talks Break Down."

"Soviet Says it Hopes Amity Will Grow Under Kennedy; Gromyki, in Address Accuses Eisenhower of Causing Division."

"India Fears a Major War in South Asia Over Laos."

"Nasser Threatens Israel on A-Bomb."

This final story begins: "President Gamal Abdel Nasser warned tonight that if the United Arab Republic became convinced that Israel was making an atoic bomb, 'this will be the beginning of war between us and Israel.' He warned that the United Arab Republic would invade Israel 'to destroy the base of aggression before that base is used against us.'"

December 23, 1960: On Israel and the Bomb

Arthur Krock concludes his column in today's New York Times about suspicions Israel is developing an A-bomb by writing, "The Arab world is agitated with alarm over the possibility of an Israel armed with nuclear weapons. And the Soviets have seized a perfect opportunity to foment the trouble both ways: by playing on Israeli nationalism, to which it pretends to believe the United States has given just offense; and by arousing the Arabs.

"But Israel too has a perfect opportunity -- for a constructive action which will cancel the damage and Moscow's effort to increase it. Israel can conform to the spirit of Chairman McCone's offer at Vienna by placing under the present and future safeguards of the [Atomic Energy] Agency the reactor it is building. That would assist in the pursuit of world peace the United States, the nation which has given the most generous assistance to Israel's economy."