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Friday, December 08, 2006

December 8, 1960: Goldwater Calls for Ending Foreign Aid to 'Inferior People'

Congress should stop giving economic aid to foreign nations, Senator Barry Goldwater told the National Association of Manufacturers today. "We have seen nothing of great value produced in the fifteen years we've been engaged in it," he said. He also said the US should limit the amount of money tourists can take out of the country.

"The United States should begin acting like a world power and quit groveling on its knees to inferior people who like to come to New York," Goldwater said.

In Laos, Leftists took over the administrative capital of Vientiane from neutralists, ending that groups one-day hold on the city.

Cuba has taken over the Royal Bank of Canada's island offices. In September Castro nationalized three US banks on the island.

In the seventh year of a Moslem nationalist rebellion in Algeria, Paris has set a vote for January 8 to decide if Algerians will be given home rule, leading to eventual independence from France.

In Stanleyville, capital of Eastern Province in the Congo, threats have been made against Belgians since the arrest of deposed Premier Patrice Lumumba. UN Secreatary General Dag Hammarskjold called the threats "deeply disturbing."

Moscow said today it will make favorable loans to Cairo for industrial and agricultural development.

In Austin, Texas, the governor and secretary of state said they favor a recount of the November election, but were unsure they had the authority to order it.