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Sunday, December 03, 2006

December 3, 1960: Votes for Nixon Erased in Chicago, G.O.P. Charges; Space Dogs Die

"Scores of Republican votes were erased and Democratic votes substituted in paper ballot precincts in the Nov. 8 election," according to G.O.P. leaders, Robert Wiedrich writes in a story for publication in tomorrow's edition of the Chicago Tribune.

"Ralph Berkowitz, an attorney representing the Republican watchers said Republican votes had been erased in the circle designated for Vice President Nixon and a mark inserted in behalf of Sen. John F. Kennedy, the Democratic candidate who the G.O.P. charges won Illinois' 27 electoral votes thru fraud at the polls.

"'This is one of the most flagrant situations we have found in the recheck of 863 paper ballot precincts in Chicago,' Berkowitz said. 'This again points up the utter disregard for the elections laws that the Democratic machine practiced on election day.'"

The U.S. government needs a plan for developing and using communication satellites, a Senate committee study said today. "Critical decisions" needed to be made soon to ensure the "bright promise" of international communications, the committee said.

Tad Szulc writes in an article for publication tomorrow in the New York Times of Latin America's instability. Of Cuba he says a recent "wave of sabotage ... [is] the worst outbreak of organized opposition to Premier Castro since he gained power almost two years ago. Bombs exploded in Havana and in the interior of the island, damaging public utilities, cutting railroads and creating the very same kind of terror that Dr. Castro had spread when he fought a dictatorship and promised freedom and democracy. Despite the efforts of his heavily armed militia, guerilla activists in Cuba's central mountains could not be eradicated.

Headlines in today's newspapers announced that the latest Soviet ship to go into space went out of control as it returned to earth. The space ship carried two dogs.

Also in the news today is the seizure of Congo's deposed premier, Patrice Lumumba, who had been a fugitive after escaping custody last week. He is now again a prisoner of Col. Joseph Mobuto, who heads the army regime.