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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October 31, 1960: Editorial Endorsements for President, Nixon's Brother Admits Hughes Loan

These editorial endorsements for president were reported today in the New York Times:

"The Chicago-Tribune endorsed Vice President Nixon for President today. In a front-page editorial, the Tribune said that 'During President Eisenhower's long illness, Nixon was acting president. He proved as competent as he was modest.'"

"The Washington Post and Times Herald declined tonight to endorse either Vice President Nixon or Senator John F. Kennedy for the Presidency. The newspaper, which describes itself as independent, has remained neutral in five of the last six elections."

"The Minneapolis Tribune editorially endorsed the Republican Presidential ticket of Vice President Nixon and Henry Cabot Lodge today as 'better equipped and prepared to lead the country in the next four years.' The Tribune supported President Eisenhower in 1952 and 1956."

"The Garden Grover [Calif.] Daily News editorially supported the Presidential candidacy of Senator John F. Kennedy today."

"The West Palm Beach Post-Times endorsed the Republican ticket today. The Post-Times is an independent newspaper."

"Vice president Nixon's brother, Donald, confirmed today that a $205,000 loan obtained in an effort to save his restaurant business had come from the Hughes Tool Company, owned by Howard Hughes," the Times reported today. "But he declared: 'I have never asked my brother to do anything for me or anyone else in the government; and if I did ask I know he would refuse.'"