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Friday, November 03, 2006

November 3, 1960: Eisenhower campaigns for Republican Ticket Without 'Near-Hysteria' of Kennedy Rally

"A kind of self-possessed enthusiasm prevailed yesterday among the large crowds that turned out here [in New York] to see President Eisenhower, Vice President Nixon and Henry Cabot Lodge," the New York Times reports today.

"The overall crowds that cheered the President and the Republican Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates seemed about as large as those that came out last week for Senator John F. Kennedy, the Democratic nominee. But there was little of the near-hysteria that Mr. Kennedy was able to induce in his partisans.

"The greatest visual excitement occurred in the Wall Street area, where the sidewalks were jammed and the confetti and ticker tape was so thick that it appeared as if the first snowstorm of the season had struck. Near Exchange Place, a policeman's motorcycle became entangled in the wads of paper, and stalled.

"'This is marvelous,' a 'Nixon Girl' in one of the press buses in the motorcade said."

President Eisenhower said, "There have been no further gains of territory or population by Communist imperialism in any area where American influence and arms were involved. We have successfully withstood an intensive campaign by the Soviet Union to absorb all of Berlin.

"Moreover, the number of peoples who defect from Communist-controlled states is measured annually in the hundreds of thousands. And I point out, and I point out that when people by the coountelss thousands will risk everything, including their lives, for the chance to join us on freedom's side of the Iron Curtain, there is no question in their minds about America's leadership.

"My friends, there is no question in your minds. In fact there seems to be only one individual who's bewailing America's strength and weakness, and he happens to be a political -- the only one who's doing this kind of worrying is a political candidate and he's not here tonight."