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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

December 27, 1960: Reds Fire at US Plane over Laos

A Soviet plane supplying Communist rebels in Laos today fired on a U.S. Embassy aircraft observing the operation. An embassy spokesman said the machine gun fire "knocked out one engine and tore several holes in the fuselage." There were no injuries.

Yugoslavia said today it would enact monetary reforms to link its economy more closely to the West.

The US will join with four NATO allies to produce a new military jet in Europe. The plan is significant because it provides for large contribution from European nations. The US will foot only one-tenth of the cost of the F-104G Starfighter jets.

President-elect Kennedy today said he wold nominate John B. Connally Jr. of Fort Worth Texas as his Navy Secretary.

Residents of New York will soon be able to pick up their telephones and get information on emergencies by dialing a special number. At other times the round-the-clock number will be available for information on train and airline schedules. Under the innovative new arrangement a municipal radio station will convey information to the New York Telephone Company.