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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

December 6, 1960: Eisenhower and Kennedy Meet, Discuss 'Problems of Peace'

President Eisenhower and President-elect Kennedy met for three hours today to discuss world problems. A joint statement said they discussed "major problems of peace, security and freedom throughout the world, particularly including the American balance of payments and the position of the American dollar."

The Soviet Union today stressed unity with Communist China to achieve world communism. Peiping said it wold continue to go its own way.

The U.S. for the first time released pictures of the atom bombs dropped on Japan 15 years ago.

The Soviet Union today said the U.S. was fomenting civil war in Laos. The Soviet ambassador to the U.S. indicated the possibility of Soviet intervention if the neutralist government is seriously threatened by pro-Western forces.

In Chicago the lawyer for the Nixon Recount Committee said he will ask the State Electoral Board to give the state's electoral votes to Nixon. With one third of the Chicago election board's 863 paper ballot precincts check, Nixon has gained 2,512 votes, according to the G.O.P.