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Friday, October 06, 2006

October 6, 1960: Kennedy says Washington Brought on Castro, Cuba Claims American Invaders, UN China Issue Simmers

Sen. John F. Kennedy criticized Vice President Richard Nixon for allowing Fidel Castro to come to power in Cuba. Washington's policy of supporting Latin American dictators and not providing sufficient aid are to blame, he said. Kennedy's line set the stage for the second debate between the two presidential candidates tomorrow. "The American people want to know how ... the Iron Curtain could have advanced to our very front yard," Kennedy said in Cincinnati. "The story of the transformation of Cuba from a friendly ally to a communist state is in large measure the story of a government in Washington that lacked the imagination and compassion to understand the needs of the Cuban people; which lacked in vigor and leadership necessary to those needs, and which lacked the foresight and the vision to see the inevitable results of its own failures." Meanwhile, Cuba claimed that a band of 27 invaders from the U.S. had landed on its shores. They were believed to be attempting to join an estimated 1,000 anti-Castro rebels in the mountains of Camaguey Provence. The commander of the invading force was killed and two men were captured. At the United Nations a group of Neutralist and communist countries continued to press for Peiping's admission. Also at the UN the neutralist nations urging a meeting between Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev and President Eisenhower criticized the U.S. for blocking their proposal. "Soviet-bloc members were reported to be openly jubilant that the United States had managed to get into a position of opposing a meeting, while Moscow supporters could sit silently without incurring neutralist criticism," the New York Times would write in tomorrow's edition. Joseph Welch, the Army counsel who came to national prominence in the televised Army-McCarthy hearings six years ago, is dead. He was 69. The NY Yankees won the second game of the World Series today in Pittsburgh, 16-3.

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